3 May 2022

RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE 2022: 24 hours of live machinery and equipment demonstrations across three days

Three new demo formats and more programme highlights

Alternative drives for construction machinery, vehicles and recycling systems, building site processes, digitalisation and the ongoing struggle to find qualified workers are the issues on everyone’s lips in the construction and environmental engineering sectors. The solutions to these market challenges will be on show at over 200 exhibitor stands across 90,000 m² of indoor and outdoor exhibition space in Karlsruhe. The burning issues will also be the subject of five focused live demonstration formats, which will address them in practical processes. As the demonstration trade fair returns to the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre for the third time from 5 to 7 May, the event’s clear focus on live demonstrations has been intensified and expanded with more programme highlights reflecting the needs of the market.

Action-packed highlights across five demo formats

The trade fair will feature a total of three new demonstration formats, including the attachments arena. This will offer visitors a series of three specialist demonstrations per day that will provide an action-packed show highlighting the versatility of the carrier vehicles as they take part in demolition, recycling or ground preparation work. Visitors will therefore easily be able to find the perfect equipment to boost productivity in their own businesses. Alongside construction machinery and vehicles, the focus here will be on attachments. Tools like bucket screeners, demolition hammers and attached compactors will be demonstrated in realistic construction processes. Expert advisers will be on hand to provide information about the features and applications of the attachments, perfectly complimenting the impressive show.

Alongside the trade fair, the German Association of the Building Industry, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (VDBUM) will host a dedicated event for special heavy construction on Friday 6 May. It will feature a series of business leaders and managers from leading heavy construction companies, engineering offices, machinery and component manufacturers as well as assembly service providers. Together with the demonstration building site heavy construction, this will create a combination of theory and practice that will form the basis for expanding on the topic going forward. The demonstration building site will showcase a rotary drilling system from Bauer alongside a MOVAX pile driver and auger. The issues of safety and process orientation will be at the heart of the demonstration building site. The VDBUM will also focus on construction sites logistics, security and material transport in its two daily demonstrations, which will expand the product presentation with intensive and individual consultation as the equipment is working.

Another new addition is the demonstration building site e-mobility in compact construction, gardening and landscaping. This was initiated by the VDBUM and created together with the regional gardening and landscaping association GaLaBau BW. The demonstration building site will feature around ten participants, including major industry players like Wacker Neuson, Kiesel with Giant and Hitachi, Wilhelm Schäfer, AVANT Tecno, Husqvarna and JCB. A total of around 16 powerful yet efficient machines will be demonstrated, including battery-driven mini-excavators, multifunction loaders, forklifts and dumpers. This aims to highlight practical solutions to increasingly strict noise and exhaust pollution requirements in tenders for urban construction. The demonstration building site will address two current topics simultaneously, showcasing alternative drive systems for machinery while also focusing on the topic of qualification and training. The machinery will be demonstrated by apprentices from participating businesses. This will bring to life exciting jobs like operating construction machinery, while also highlighting the variety in these youngsters’ training programmes.

The topics of the demonstration building site conduit construction range from earth excavation and compaction to underground duct construction, material preparation and excavator control. Activities like excavation for underground supply lines, earth moving and material preparation, or the transport and loading of pipe elements and other construction materials, will be demonstrated here as a single construction process. This will be just like a real construction site, but in a compact format and with expert moderation from the VDBUM. Participating companies will include Moba, Hydrema, ALLU, Kemroc, SANY, RSP and Zeppelin. Visitors can look forward to seeing mobile and chain excavators in various weight classes using attachments like bucket screens, cutters, attached compactors or pipe connectors. These typical activities showcased on and around the demonstration building site will be rounded off with vehicles for material transport and machines for disposing of mineral materials, such as suction excavators.

The specific infrastructure of a modern scrap yard, featuring all the common work steps like storage, shredding, handling and processing, will be recreated across around 2,000 square metres of demonstration area. Every demonstration will be accompanied by professional dialogue with product specialists from the respective participating companies. The highlight of the special theme area scrap metal will be a system consisting of four units for processing light mixed scrap metal. This will showcase the material recycling process chain from pre-shredding to clean output. The system will be fed by a CAT MH3024 material handler fitted with an orange-peel gripper. Also on show will be scrap shears from VENETO Schwenter and MBI, as well as a hydraulic magnet from SkanCraft. In this realistic scrapyard environment, analyticon instruments will provide insights into mobile analytics by presenting the benefits of analysers for determining different alloys. Finally, the scrapyard will also feature a modular system for storage boxes and the demonstration of a BUTTI forklift brush attachment.

Specialist tours address current developments

A total of five specialist tours will address topics that are influencing the industry today, as well as providing inspiration, showcasing solutions and offering a compact insight into the latest issues in special heavy engineering, demolition and recycling. With expert moderation from the associations BDSV, bvse, DA, VDBUM and GaLaBau BW, each tour will take groups of no more than 30 participants to speak with industry experts from the respective association partners. The tours will last around 90 minutes and visit between six and 10 selected stands, offering a huge amount of expert input. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet the right contact partners at the respective stands without waiting. They will also be able to follow the product presentations that they are interested in and find new inspiration to take back with them for their own activities. Tours are free for visitors.

The topics of the tours are as follows:

• Construction processes (presented by VDBUM)

• Construction site logistics (presented by VDBUM)

• Gardening and landscaping (presented by GaLaBau BW)

• Mobile processing technology in steel recycling (presented by BDSV and ISM – German Institute for Scrap and Metals)

• From demolition to the use of quality-assured secondary building materials (presented by bvse and DA)

Discover your future at the job fair

RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE will also provide an area for jobs with prospects close to two dynamic demonstration building sites. Leading construction, demolition and recycling companies like Peter Gross Bau, Leonhard Weiss, the Oettinger Group and the Reif Group from Raststatt will be represented here and will present both themselves and their vacancies in the realistic working environment. As this area will also feature apprentices from the construction sector, it will be easy for school and university students, apprentices, young professionals, specialists and those looking for a new career challenge to join discussions with the companies in a relaxed atmosphere.

Founders’ Garage: Start-ups to showcase product innovations

The hall area will also host the Founders’ Garage, a start-up zone in collaboration with COREUM. This will offer young businesses a promising platform to market their innovative solutions, sound out potential partnerships, or draw the attention of investors and media. Their ideas address the future trends of the construction industry, recycling and environmental engineering. SODEX, for example, will present its assistant system SDX-4DVision. Based on laser and camera technology, this automates measurement and documentation work in special heavy engineering. Another start-up, Wastebox, will showcase its newly developed app that digitally maps out the entire disposal process. It connects customers and suppliers in real time, allowing them to organise the disposal of construction waste quickly and transparently. Other start-ups at the Founders’ Garage will include Quiky, Recalm and PistonPower.

SBM Summit for sustainable building materials

The SBM Summit (sustainable building materials) is the first industry congress for sustainable and ecological materials used in the construction and conversion of buildings. The event will offer an exclusive programme of presentations. “Demand for environmentally friendly construction materials and sustainable solutions in the construction sector has grown massively in recent years. With the SBM Summit, we want to offer the industry a forum dedicated to the materials of the future. We aim to discover how they can be used, share experiences and enable networking”, says Frank Thieme, project manager of the SBM Summit.

More information about the event programme and activities at RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE, along with demonstration times, can be found at: tiefbaulive.com/programme/

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