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Final decision: RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE postponed to 5 - 7 May 2022

After months with no indications of when trade fairs will be allowed to recommence, the initial conditions were laid out on 14 May. But the new parameters under which trade fairs can take place, assuming infection levels remain under control, have come too late for many international businesses who needed clarity in order to plan. This led to cancellations from many important exhibitors. As a result, Messe Karlsruhe, organiser of the RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE twin trade fair, has decided to postpone the event from 2 - 4 September of this year to 5 - 7 May 2022.

. “We have taken all the influencing factors and options into account, and have acted following a majority decision of our event advisory committee and in close contact with exhibitors”, explains project manager Olivia Hogenmüller. “Unfortunately, the uncertainty has led many key players and brands to decide against any in-person trade fairs for the rest of 2021. This would narrow the wide and attractive range of exhibitors at our demonstration trade fair, and would have a knock-on effect on visitor numbers. We want the event to reflect the full breadth of the companies, products and people in the industry.”

The six demonstration formats and many live demonstrations at exhibitor stands need detailed planning and investment steps early on. “The government’s current plan for opening leaves a lot of uncertainty. Although trade fair organisers and their customers can hope for better times ahead, the strict adherence to infection levels means we still have no planning reliability. That is why we have unfortunately been forced to take this decision to postpone the trade fair to 2022, following consultation with our advisory committee”, explains Britta Wirtz, managing director of Messe Karlsruhe.

Event focus: live, compact, up close and driven by technology

Next year will see RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE live up to its reputation as a welcoming live demonstration trade fair for mechanical engineering, construction and environmental technology, with its finger on the pulse of the market. Alongside attachments, the trade fair duo will showcase material transport and handling, as well as recycling systems for construction waste. RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE will therefore offer a wide combination of topics in a compact setting.

“The pandemic has not hit the recycling industry as hard as initially feared. Material like waste wood and rubble in particular have remained strong. That is why the industry urgently needs RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE as a meeting point for commerce and discussion in 2022, and as a more user-focused alternative to the leading global trade fairs. The live demonstrations, intensive discussions with decision-makers and the sheer breadth of the industry concentrated in such a compact event make RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE all the more attractive”, says Eric Rehbock, Executive Director of the German Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Management (bvse).

Debut for new demo formats in 2022

Next year’s trade fair will offer three new demonstration formats, covering e-mobility in compact construction, gardening and landscaping, special heavy construction and the action packed, cross-industry attachments arena. These new additions will take place alongside the special theme areas for wood and biomass and scrap and metal, as well as the demonstration building site for conduit construction. “As co-founder, the VDBUM supports the decision to postpone the trade fair and stands ready to assist the organisers”, confirms VDBUM director and board member Dieter Schnittjer. “Over the past year, the organisers have successfully and clearly positioned RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE as a live demonstration trade fair focused on real-life applications. The three new demonstration formats are planned smartly and feature a star-studded line-up. They deserve to be held in a relaxed atmosphere and with a large audience. September 2021 is simply too soon for this to happen. Following this decision, we are eagerly awaiting what will be a fantastic year of events for the construction, environmental and mechanical engineering sectors. The twin trade fair will stand out in the calendar thanks to its unique demonstration format, and will let exhibitors and visitors alike kick-start their businesses in 2022.”

RecyclingAKTIV and TiefbauLIVE postponed to September 2021

Together with its advisory board, exhibitors and multipliers, Messe Karlsruhe has taken the decision to reschedule the RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE demonstration trade fair for waste removal, recycling, road construction and civil engineering. The event will now take place on 2 - 4 September 2021 on the grounds of the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre.

For CEO Britta Wirtz, it was a sensible decision: “Despite the sophisticated and flexible hygiene and safety measures put in place, there is still no clarity as to when the trade fair industry will be able to get back up and running, even after the recent meeting between German state and federal leaders on 3 March. Our customers, partners and colleagues needed planning security for the event to take place as previously planned in June 2021. As a result, we have unanimously decided together with our advisory board to reschedule the trade fair. We have found a new date that allows RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE to fit into the business calendar and has been confirmed by our association partners.”

RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE was originally due to take place from 10 to 12 June 2021. “A trade fair requires several months of preparation for organisers, exhibitors and service providers alike. In other words: we need planning security. By postponing the event by twelve weeks, we hope that the situation will have improved to such an extent that we will be able to welcome as many visitors to the demonstration trade fair as possible. This will require secure travel, open hotels and a higher vaccination rate. We will also use the extra time to implement the German government’s quick-test strategy”, explains Wirtz.

Even more live demos and action

This year’s trade fair will offer visitors three new demonstration formats, covering e-mobility in compact construction, gardening and landscaping, and special heavy construction. There will also be the cross-industry attachments arena. Alongside attachments, the two sides of the trade fair duo both require solid solutions in material transport and handling, as well as recycling systems for construction waste. The crusher systems will be showcased under real conditions live at the exhibitors’ outdoor stands. Kurz Aufbereitungsanlagen is one of these exhibitors, with the dealer set to present products from SBM, Arjes, Anaconda and McCloskey. For CEO Michel Kurz, the trade fair is important for both business and personal relations: “Despite the digital alternatives, we have not found any format in recent months that comes close to delivering the value of participating in a trade fair. Things like personal consultations, agreeing contracts in a relaxed atmosphere, demonstrating our crusher systems live under real conditions and direct feedback from our customers are all reasons why we desperately need a platform for business and discussion. We are therefore really looking forward to RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE in September.”

92 per cent of outdoor exhibition area already reserved

A total of around 3,000 tonnes of material will be moved and processed over the three days of the event. 2021 will also see a continuation of the special theme areas for wood & biomass and scrap & metal, as well as the demonstration building site conduit construction. RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE will therefore offer a broad combination of topics in one place, while also finally making it possible to meet in person, compare machines and find out about the latest products live.

92 per cent of the outdoor stand spaces have already been reserved, with high demand for live demonstrations at both the stands and in the six demo formats. Zeppelin Baumaschinen drove the development of the demo formats forward, together with project management and other exhibitors: “Zeppelin made the decision to participate in four of the six detailed live demonstration formats, in order to showcase our wide range of modern products in recycling, demolition, road construction and earthworks to visitors. These represent a fantastic opportunity to highlight the benefits and capabilities of our CAT fleet in action, and explain them in more detail through live interviews”, says Anke Hadwiger, Head of Trade Fairs, Events and Training at Zeppelin Baumaschinen. “Given the slow start to vaccinations in Germany, we are in favour of postponing the trade fair to late summer. The health of our staff, visitors and service providers must come first. We also hope that the postponement will lead to greater visibility for our innovative products. Trade fairs are about much more than product presentations. They thrive above all on direct contact with customers, intensive discussions and the personal experiences that people have when they can watch the machines up close.”

Three questions for project manager Olivia Hogenmüller

How have your customers dealt with the lack of planning security for their participation in the trade fair?

“It’s not just the organisers who need plenty of preparation time. Our exhibitors plan months in advance which machines they wish to showcase and how they want their stand to look. This then also involves investors. As a result, the close and transparent partnership and collaboration are more important to us than ever right now. Our exhibitors value this. They are flexible and have rewarded us with their confidence. This gives us the strength and motivation we need.”

The demonstration trade fair is now set to take place twelve weeks later. How will you use this extra time?

“Over the next few weeks, we will finalise the procedures for the live demonstrations with our exhibitors. We will also help them design their stands to be as safe and hygienic as possible with the expertise of our service providers. For many of our exhibitors, it will be their first trade fair since the start of the pandemic.”

Did you think about holding a digital trade fair?

“In discussions with our exhibitors, it was clear right from the beginning that it simply would not have been possible to reduce the scope of the concept behind RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE, such as by removing the live demonstrations. This event is all about experiencing technology up close – seeing it, hearing it and feeling it. It is simply not possible to recreate this digitally.”

RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE brings two industries together in one place

The demonstration trade fairs RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE are expected to go ahead as planned from 10 to 12 June 2021 across both the hall and outdoor exhibition areas of the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre, according to organiser Messe Karlsruhe. “Our exhibitors are chomping at the bit and are keen to help us shape the twin trade fair. Together with them, our partner associations and service partners, we are developing practical solutions that will enable live demonstrations to take place safely and in full at stands and in six formats”, explains project manager Olivia Hogenmüller. “We are already working on a tailored safety and hygiene plan for our event, in close contact with the relevant authorities. Our priority is to create flexible measures. Since September, the trade fair industry has shown that safety and hygiene measures adapted to the infection situation can be effective.”

Attachments arena combines both industries

2021 will see the first cross-industry attachments arena, which will present tools from the recycling and civil engineering sectors in a single action-packed show. Among the carrier vehicles on show will be a mobile excavator from CAT and a tracked excavator from Kiesel. Anke Hadwiger, Head of Trade Fairs, Events and Training at Zeppelin Baumaschinen, is already looking forward to seeing the CAT attachments live in action: “Virtual events are great, but they can never replace live ones. In this regard, we are really looking forward to getting back to live. We can’t wait to fully interact with visitors again.” The list of companies that will be showcasing the power and versatility of their attachments in this new arena includes names like ALLU, Ammann Verdichtung, Epiroc and ZFE (HS-Schoch Group).

A kick-off meeting took place, at which Messe Karlsruhe informed the participating manufacturers of the potential safety measures that will apply at the event: “The organisers have created a solid hygiene and safety plan. It is flexible and can be adapted to whatever the situation is at the time. We exhibitors can also do our bit by making our stands hygienically safe”, says Willi Reutter, Application Manager Heavy Equipment at Ammann Verdichtung. “When you also consider the fact that the event will be mostly taking place outside, I believe that RecyclingAKTIV and TiefbauLIVE will be able to go ahead as planned in June. After so many trade fairs were cancelled in 2020, we are desperate for more personal contact with our customers. We hope that this demonstration trade fair can act as a restart.”

Showcasing machinery and systems to customers in person

With over 90,000 square metres of exhibition space, the outdoor area offers exhibitors plenty of options for demonstrating products at their stands. All the material required for this is also provided, from scrap and rubble to logs, earth and biomass. This will allow visitors to compare products from leading manufacturers in real operations. They will also be able to discuss them in depth with representatives from around 250 exhibitors, including the likes of Moerschen, Dappen, HAAS, Kurz Aufbereitungsanlagen, TTS Trump Technik Service and debutant BAU Süddeutsche Baumaschinen. These specialists will provide information about the products on show alongside the live demonstration, allowing visitors to experience the latest recycling systems up close. Other exhibitors demonstrating the technology and effectiveness of their products at their stands will include Kemroc, MTS Schrode, Kubota and RSP.

Special heavy construction in theory, practice and consulting

Thanks to a combination of a dedicated demonstration building site, exhibitor presentations and a special training programme, the topic of special heavy construction will receive much greater recognition at RecyclingAKTIV and TiefbauLIVE in 2021. Liebherr-MCCtec Vertriebs- und Service GmbH will bring their LB 16 unplugged to Karlsruhe, an electrically powered rotary drilling system that weighs in at 55 tonnes. Boasting a maximum drilling depth of 34.5 metres, the new Liebherr model gets its name from its battery, which replaces the need for a power cable. SkanCraft, a veteran of the demonstration trade fair, will present its hydraulic vibration ram. This attachment makes it easier to pick up and place down sheet piles, and is used in slope stabilisation as well as rail, bridge and conduit construction. New exhibitor EMDE Bohrtechnik will be presenting its rotary drill heads, while Söndgerath will bring its portfolio for pumps and accessories to Karlsruhe.

Messe Karlsruhe receives expert advice and support for its demonstration building sites for conduit construction, e-mobility in compact construction, gardening and landscaping from the German Association of the Building Industry, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (VDBUM). The association will manage these demonstration areas on site and will also hold its third industry event for special heavy construction on 11 June at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. This event will see six high-profile keynote speakers provide insights into the following topics:

  • Assistant systems in special heavy construction
  • Investigating and describing rock in the context of the German construction contract procedures (VOB 2019)
  • Innovations from industry
  • German construction contract law as per section 650a ff of the German Civil Code and special heavy construction
  • Vibration ramming technology
  • Special heavy construction services in major projects

Demonstration trade fair in Karlsruhe to feature three new special theme areas in 2021

RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE, the demonstration trade fair for waste removal and recycling & road construction and civil engineering, will be the only exhibition in 2021 to combine the construction and recycling industries in a single event. This will enable direct communication between providers, customers and market peers. Manufacturers, dealers and service providers from both sectors will present their machinery, systems and services at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre from 10 to 12 June. The event in 2021 will also see a number of new features, including a cross-industry attachment-arena. There will also be demonstration building sites for e-mobility in compact construction, gardening and landscaping as well as for special civil engineering. Here, RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE will provide these three product groups with a platform that will offer an unprecedented level of action and intensity.

Three quarters of outdoor exhibition area already booked

The trade fair duo will present systems for handling, processing and removing valuable materials like wood, metal and construction waste at all levels. The event will also combine these products with the machinery and systems from the world of civil engineering, including road and conduit construction, compact construction, gardening, landscaping and digitalisation. “59 per cent of our visitors are interested in both RecyclingAKTIV and TiefbauLIVE. The incredible level of interest from exhibitors confirms the success of this combination. 75 per cent of the outdoor exhibition area is already booked, with most of the remaining stand spaces reserved through options. This is incredible given the current situation and the fact that we still have ten months to go before the event”, explains project manager Olivia Kollmer. “As a result, we have had to expand our outdoor exhibition area by 10,000 square metres.” Among the exhibitors will be some companies showcasing their products for the first time, such as Kopp Baumaschinen and Avant Tecno. Those returning to the event will include names like Schlüter, Zeppelin, Ammann, Epiroc, Wacker Neuson and Holp, as well as Doppstadt and Arjes.

New attachments arena to present tools from recycling and civil engineering

The new attachments arena will offer visitors three topic-related tours per day. These will showcase tools from the recycling and civil engineering sectors, such as bucket screeners, demolition and hydraulic hammers, attached compactors, grippers and various kinds of shovel blade, all presented in an action-packed show that lets visitors judge the products for themselves. “Presentations of attachments have always been a major part of our event. But until now, manufacturers have done so largely in static exhibitions at their stands”, says Kollmer. “The new attachments arena is our response to the demand among exhibitors for demonstration options. It will also combine the recycling and civil engineering industries together in a single tool platform that promises to be full of action. This means that RecyclingAKTIV and TiefbauLIVE will feature even more live demonstrations.” The driver of the construction vehicle decouples the various attachments by means of a fully hydraulic quick coupler system, before demonstrating their abilities and robustness in a realistic live show. Here, the attachments will be compared either directly as in a real arena, or working together as they would in a construction process. While this is going on, an expert presenter will be joined by a representative of the exhibiting company to explain the attachments’ features and applications.

Special civil engineering added due to high demand

The exhibitor survey from the last trade fair in 2019 showed particularly high interest in solutions and innovations in special civil engineering. That is why the organisers are planning a dedicated demonstration building site that will feature massive drilling machines and suction excavators, as well as smaller pieces of equipment like excavator-mounted pile drivers, all shown in action separately. As a result, the demonstration building site for road and path construction will take a break in 2021. “Road construction will remain a major focus of our event, and will be represented at many of our exhibitors’ stands. The same is true of path construction, which we plan to integrate into the new demonstration building site for e-mobility in compact construction, gardening and landscaping”, explains Kollmer.

Sector focused on e-mobility in compact construction

As well as their own stands, exhibitors can take part in the special theme areas. The outdoor exhibition area offers 90,000 square metres of exhibition space for static product presentations or live demonstrations at the stands. Alongside this, there will be additional space in the air-conditioned hall area located next to the visitor entrance. The neighbouring Atrium will be the venue for the demonstration building site e-mobility in compact construction, gardening and landscaping. This will feature live demonstrations of processes like earth transport, compaction and path construction across six different construction areas, in order to showcase the benefits of electrically driven machinery in urban projects.

The demonstration building site for conduit construction will return next year, as will the two special theme areas for recycling, which focus on wood and biomass and scrap and metal respectively. Frank Jülicher, authorised representative at Anton Küpper Baumeister Hoch- Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG, visited these in 2019 as he was searching for a new crushing system. “I wanted to use the trade fair to find out about the various options, like crusher attachments or tracked crushers. The event gave us an overview that was smaller than that at bauma but still very comprehensive. I like the size of the trade fair. From a customer’s perspective, the demonstrations give you a much better idea of how the systems work and what they are capable of”, explains the expert from Erkelenz in north-west Germany.

Dealing with coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the economic importance of trade fairs as a meeting point and marketplace. Personal contact and the ability to view and compare products up close is essential for purchasing decisions and for building up industry knowledge. As the organiser of RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE, Messe Karlsruhe assumes that the effects of the coronavirus pandemic will continue to affect aspects of trade fair activities in 2021. This will not affect the design of the demonstration trade fair, however, even if regulations like compulsory mask wearing, limits to visitor numbers, mandatory

 Winning combination of themes: high concentration of decision-makers at RecyclingAKTIV and TiefbauLIVE

Between 5 and 7 September, Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre transformed itself into a mobile recycling centre and walk-in construction site, with heavyweight granulating lines, powerful excavators and wheel loaders demonstrating their performance strength. Wood and metal was shredded, construction waste screened, building pits dug and road surfaces compressed. Over the three trade fair days, a total of 3,000 tonnes of material was moved and processed. 94 percent of trade visitors were very satisfied with the presentation and quality of exhibitors.

Close ties between the two sectors

For the second time, the recycling and construction sectors joined forces for the RecyclingAKTIV and TiefbauLIVE demonstration trade fairs. Around 8,500 visitors (2017: 7,500) had the chance to see at first hand the efficiency and performance of the approximately 1,500 machines and equipment on offer and to compare the products of various manufacturers at the many live demonstrations.

Credit: Messe Karlsruhe / Jens Arbogast

As Britta Wirtz, Managing Director of Messe Karlsruhe, confirms: “The trade fair pairing concept is proving its worth: in our visitor survey, 59 percent of visitors stated that they had come specifically because of the combination of recycling and civil engineering.” Factors linking the two demonstration trade fairs include not only add-on equipment but also material transport and handling and construction waste recycling.

Credit: Messe Karlsruhe / Jens Arbogast

One of the exhibitors from this area is construction equipment provider Kurz Aufbereitungsanlagen. Sales Manager Harald Weber would be willing to take part in the demonstrations again at any time: “Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre is ideal for live demonstrations – the infrastructure is great and the supply of materials runs like clockwork. Our demonstrations attract visitors to our stand, allowing us to generate an incredibly high number of queries and also to effect direct sales. As the recycling and civil engineering sectors are growing closer together, we are able to reach two important visitor target groups at RecyclingAKTIV and TiefbauLIVE.”

238 exhibitors from 15 countries

A total of 238 manufacturers and retailers came to Karlsruhe to present their machines and equipment to a professional audience.

Credit: Messe Karlsruhe / Jens Arbogast

As Claudia Nötzelmann, the project manager overseeing the two trade fairs, notes: “That is 18 percent more exhibitors than the last time. We are particularly proud of the fact that the percentage of international exhibitors has been increased to 20 percent – which is seven percent up on the last event.” Exhibitors from 15 countries were present, including all of Germany’s neighbouring countries as well as Italy, the UK, Finland and Sweden. In addition, many associations and professional groups used the trade fair pairing as an opportunity to organise training events, working groups and conferences.

Trade visitors in management positions

The international orientation of the demonstration trade fairs was also evident on the visitor side, as can be seen from the survey, which indicated that visitors came from all over Germany and from 18 different countries.

Credit: Messe Karlsruhe / Jürgen Rösner

Pia Steiner from Lindner-Recyclingtech in Austria described the demonstrations on the special theme areas as “an ideal means of presenting our products” and praised the high international component among visitors: “We use the trade fair to cultivate existing customer contacts and make new ones – in fact, we had more international visitors to our stand than expected, for example from Estonia, Hungary and Serbia.” The excellent opportunity for gaining new customers can also be seen in the visitor survey, since 65 percent of trade fair participants were visiting RecyclingAKTIV and TiefbauLIVE for the first time.

Credit: Messe Karlsruhe / Jens Arbogast

As Matthias Stasius from wheeled excavator specialists Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger says: “We were positively surprised by the number and above all by the quality of visitors. We came to the trade fair with the aim of raising the profile of our add-on tools in the construction and recycling sectors – and that is exactly what we managed to do in Karlsruhe.” As the visitor survey confirms, 98 percent of visitors attended the trade fairs out of professional interest. Another important development is that the proportion of decision-makers has increased: one third of visitors were management board members or senior executives, while another third consisted of company owners and independent entrepreneurs.

Credit: Messe Karlsruhe / Jürgen Rösner

Extensive demonstration areas were set up on the 80,000 m² open-air exhibition area at RecyclingAKTIV and TiefbauLIVE. 29 percent of exhibitors showed their products in action – either at their own stand or on one of the four special theme areas: Mobile Scrap & Metal Yard, Wood & Biomass and the demonstration.

building sites for road and path construction and for canalisation. Here alone, there were ten hours of live demonstrations every day.

Tours touch on legal changes and digitalisation trend

One highlight of the supporting programme – in addition to the special theme areas – was the newly introduced guided tours given by experts and covering topics such as digitalisation in road construction, legal requirements regarding substitute building materials, and garden and landscape construction.

Credit: Messe Karlsruhe / Alex Fedorov

In addition to the open-air exhibition area, exhibitors had a chance to present their portfolio in the adjacent hall areas, which measure 6,500 square metres in all. As Nedim Cetin, General Manager of Vp GmbH Groundforce, sums up: “With our stand, we were very well positioned in the hall area with plenty of visitor traffic. We particularly liked the visitor tours that allowed us to explain our hydraulic shoring system to knowledgeable participants in just a few minutes. All in all, we are extremely satisfied with TiefbauLIVE.”

Swiss company Gipo was also thoroughly satisfied, as Sales Manager Marc Glarner attests: “My sales team were run off their feet all day, so we were very pleased with both the quality and the quantity of customers – and with the end result, as we sold quite a few machines. We would also like to compliment the very attentive trade fair management on its excellent work, be it with the set-up, layout planning, logistics or infrastructural supply, all of which was extremely professional.”

Between 10 and 12 June 2021, Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre will once again be playing host to RecyclingAKTIV (demonstration trade fair for waste removal and recycling) and TiefbauLIVE (demonstration trade fair for road construction and civil engineering).


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