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We gladly support your work by making available texts and visual material for your reportage about RecyclingAKTIV.

In addition to this, would you perhaps also need an individualized interview or a short statement? Or you would like to schedule a filming date at the trade fair?

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Press releases RecyclingAKTIV

Press releases

Get the latest news about the current themes and highlights of RecyclingAKTIV. You can find all press releases here.

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Media library

Here you can find a selection of press photographs, audio recordings and moving images for your reportage.

Accreditation RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE 2023


Here you can accredit online as a journalist for RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE 2023. Accreditation is expected to be activated in January 2023.

Exhibitor Index of RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE 2023

Exhibitor Index

Here you can find the Exhibitor Index of RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE 2023

 Press events

Press events

Here you can find the current press dates for RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE 2023


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