Special theme areas 2022

During the three days of the event, plants and equipment will impress at the special theme area Scrap & Metal as well as in the Attachments Arena, which is presented for the first time in 2022.

The plants, shredders and screening machines are in use for you several times a day. These impressive and realistic demonstrations will be supplemented by the expert moderation.

You will find more special theme areas and demonstration building sites as part of TiefbauLIVE: demonstration building site conduit construction, demonstration building site special heavy construction and demonstration building site e-mobility in compact construction, gardening and landscaping.

↵ Here you can find more information about the special theme area Scrap & Metal.

↵ Here you will find more information about the new attachments arena.

Map of the exhibition area 2022

Special theme area scrap & metal flashback

Welcome to the mobile scrap and recycling yard!

For the third year in a row, over 2,000 sqm of open-air exhibition area will be turned into a special theme area for scrap and metal. This mobile scrap and recycling yard is perfect for demonstrating your tailored solutions for shredding, storing, handling and processing scrap material. What makes this area so popular among the specialist audience is the realistic demonstration of typical work processes. Take the opportunity to discuss your product’s benefits with a presenter and showcase it to a wide audience.

What machinery and equipment is used here?

  • Scrap shears
  • Excavator-mounted magnets
  • Excavator-mounted saws
  • Scrap presses
  • Mobile shredders and primary crushers
  • Mobile metal processing systems
  • Material handlers
  • Hall construction
  • Analysis equipment

Further participants:

  • HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH
  • NB Baumaschinen GmbH
  • Kiesel GmbH

Sponsoring Partner of our special theme area scrap & metal

Attachments arena flashback

Raising the curtain for a brand new demonstration event!

RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE will see the very first of a new and exciting spectacle that will uniquely showcase both the flexibility of carrier vehicles and the diversity of attachments. The attachments arena is an exclusive tool platform that will provide a fantastic stage for a selection of attachments used in everyday construction processes, such as ground preparation and demolition, as well as recycling. Demonstrate your products’ performance and robustness, while concisely and convincingly highlighting the major benefits to users and decision makers. For that added dose of action, the shows will also feature daring stunts and fantastic special effects!

The shows and demonstrated products

One-on-one like in a real arena or a multi-way contest, you decide! You can showcase attachments alongside each other or working together in perfect interaction to reflect a real construction process.

Attachments arena

We would like to thank our participants:

Special theme area wood & biomass

+++ Will be paused in 2022 and continued again in 2023 with the old line-up +++

Nevertheless, some exhibitors will show the processing of wood & biomass in live demos at their own stands, including Arjes and HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik.

All about throughput!

Measuring over 3,000 sqm, this special theme area in the open-air exhibition area offers the perfect demonstration conditions for screening, shredding and sorting materials such as old wood, green waste and branches. It is THE platform for presenting your mobile processing systems live to a specialist audience. Showcase their throughput and other technical capabilities as they presort wood, remove residual materials and create wood recyclate in a realistic working environment. Show off the benefits of your system and discuss them with a presenter, before going into more technical depth as you invite interested visitors to your stand.

What machinery and equipment is used here?

  • (Pre-)Crusher
  • Starscreens
  • Drum Screens
  • Single and twin shaft shredders
  • Machines for excess length return

These gigantic plants are perfectly complemented by powerful feeding devices.

More special theme areas at TiefbauLIVE

Portrait Ewald Konrad, Sales Director, Komptech GmbH

I like trade fairs where things move, like the special theme area Wood & Biomass. We also participated in this. That was important to us and absolutely successful: length, moderation and frequency of the demonstrations were top.

Ewald Konrad, Sales Director, Komptech GmbH

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